Personal improvement

And release your passion to share ideas?

When you let fear take over you get stuck

You know you have something to say but you choose not to. You know you have good questions or suggestions that would be helpful to your colleagues, but you choose to keep them to yourself.

You’d like to address a larger group of people, start speaking in public maybe but……

Public Speaking

Is it even a possibility?

English is not my native language.

As I trained my English speaking skills, I ran into an interesting exercise: Be the other person for one day.

Behave like them, speak like them, look at things from their point of view.

And the thought that crossed my mind was, “Wow, what a change-making exercise for creating connection…

Business communication

The first step is to become aware of your feelings.

Have you experienced cold informational communication in some meetings, and friendly, open, warm sharing of both information and emotional, personal notes in others? Totally different isn’t it?

On stage in front of an audience, or in a meeting room, we have the option to shut down our emotions and resume…


Why you need to enhance your humorous self-expression

Sometimes we tend to lose ourselves between tasks, roles and our self-important serious image, which is a great disservice to ourselves. It deprives us of the humorous, rich, juicy life spirit.

Seriousness, for too long, becomes blunt and draining. Disconnecting.

Bring the smiles, the playfulness and the fun in!

When we speak about life in general, or in front…

Remove rigidity with these 3 key steps to memorising your content

“When you know your speech by heart and don’t have to rely on note cards or reading a slideshow your confidence will skyrocket.”

Ron White, two times USA National Memory Champion

While I firmly believe that your speaking confidence increases in direct proportion to knowing your material well, I would…

The most vital ingredient to capture your audience

“ Facts are one type of content to collect — but they’re not the only type needed to create a successful presentation. You must strike a balance between analytical and emotional content. Yes, emotional. This might not be a step with which you’re comfortable, but it’s an important one nonetheless.”…

Get them involved, keep them thinking, invite them in!

“Nothing shapes our lives so much as the questions we ask, refuse to ask or never dream of asking. Our minds, bodies, feelings and relationships are literally informed by our questions.” Sam Keen.

Questions are a powerful instrument of engagement, never more so when making presentations and getting your message…

Raluca Erimescu

Trainer of public speaking and storytelling, World class speaking coach, playful spirit in love with dance, run, biking and creativity.

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