The hidden advantages of public speaking

How do you feel about public speaking?

If you ask most people, they’ll probably say they don’t like public speaking; they fear it and even avoid it if possible because it is not comfortable. I know! They feel watched, judged and uneasy under the magnifying glass of the public’s eye.

How about you? What is your relationship with public speaking and your reaction to it?

The problem with public presentations is not so much to know when to stop, but to know when to start. (Frances Roadman)

I firmly believe that it is essential that you start early. To start now or …to have already begun presenting in front of an audience, live or even online. You can learn and start crafting new skills at any age. But take a minute to think about it: if you offer yourself a fresh and early start, you will have the benefits for your whole lifetime! Don’t you want that?

If you’re one of those people who avoid public speaking, you’re missing out.

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Public speaking can make a real difference in your life.

It can boost the energy, shake up and make shine some of your personal and professional areas! Improving your public speaking skills will provide you some tangible benefits:

1. It launches and fuels your career

In some ways, you will become more of a tribal chief. I am kidding, right. :)

I mean, you can use public speaking to share more of who you are and what you are good at, to make people aware of your expertise. If you have a small business, public speaking can make you more visible and marketable as a business professional. Speak on subjects you are passionate about and the customers’ demand, become a social media presence and you will create your image as a “go-to person” in your field.

When you speak up with confidence in every business situation, let yourself seen and contribute, you will have a win.

When you speak at a job interview compellingly, when you take the initiative in a meeting room, when you present a critical project in a rigorous, authentic and spottily funny way to a potential collaborator, you will feel how things will arrange in your favor. Your career will start rolling and will offer you more satisfaction than before.

2. It makes your personality shine through. It develops your confidence, critical thinking, spontaneity.

Maybe you don’t even notice the changes because you are the subject of change, but practicing public speaking gives you some collateral benefits, some unpredicted advantages.

Looking back, I know I have gained them through speaking: I have opened up my communication style and learned to see people and connect to them.

The most important asset your personality will gain is confidence. Although you may be nervous before giving your first speech, you’ll feel a rewarding sense of accomplishment afterward. You will take pride in succeeding. And by continuing to practice and improving your skills, you will become better, master your words, feel more comfortable and more capable in front of the public.

You will sharpen your research skills and strengthen your deductive skills by thoroughly researching your topic and learning to create a persuasive, argumentative cascade crafted from credible and relevant pieces of information.

And guess what? In time you will surprise yourself with your new level of emotional intelligence. After taking some unpredictability doses, after facing the unexpected in public speaking situations (last-minute changes in programs, exciting questions to answer), you will become calmer in challenging contexts, more spontaneous, more at ease in new social situations.

3. You develop your influence and become an advocate for causes you care about

Another significant advantage of public speaking is that it gives you a way to better support causes you care about. And there is great fulfillment in creating a small or more significant change for a cause you are found of.

You can make others aware of your cause. You may even be able to use your speaking skills to motivate people to take action, to inspire and ignite change!

They say a life without a cause is a life without effect.

So step up, speak up, contribute through your message and take advantage of all the fantastic things public speaking can do for you!

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